Oh dear Augustin, Augustin
Oh dear Augustin, everything is over.

Well, we admit we love other cities too, but as native Viennese we can't deny that Vienna is particularly close to our hearts.

Inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte and Art Nouveau, our second homage to our hometown and its special features was created.
It has rarely been possible for us Viennese to imagine ourselves so well in the times and fates of people during the plague and so perhaps many people feel like us and a little like dear Augustin. Unfortunately, the epidemic still has our lives under control, but with the song of dear Augustin on your lips, things are much easier, as it was for the partying singer and bon vivant back then.
If the concern about the state of the world is still too great, this time Thomas, our Viennese cliché-granter, has also created the matching long-sleeved shirt to make a direct announcement without words.
We have often devoted ourselves to the Viennese's love of wine, but beer was unfortunately always a little neglected here. Thanks to our new “In Cervisia Veritas” shirt, this is no longer the case and all beer lovers can now pay proper tribute to their love for barley juice, which the ancient Egyptians already paid homage to.

Our last motif reflects a little of our wishes and prospects for spring and summer, finally getting out into the cold water without coverings and enjoying the beautiful Danube.