Vienna, Vienna just you alone.
It should be the city of my dreams. 

Well, we admit we love other cities too, but as native Viennese we can't deny that Vienna is particularly close to our hearts.
Inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte and Art Nouveau, our small collection was created that is dedicated to our hometown and its special features. “Death, it has to be a Viennese…” Georg Kreisler already knew and as a native of Simmering, Thomas has a special relationship not only with death but especially with the 71er, which is world-famous in Vienna. Just like wine, which should give us both, like so many in Austria, joy until the end of our lives and beyond. Our last motif is dedicated to what Vienna means to us, as much as wine and death, the tolerance that is to be admonished. Because even if we Viennese and everyone else who lives here are tolerant, we still need signs again and again that remind us of the right behavior in this wonderful city. In this sense: in Vienna, there is no place for intolerance.